I have never been into exercise. Will I like it?

 At Waverley Personal Training we make sure that you are comfortable with the exercises we choose. They will be in alignment with your fitness goals and capabilities. We want you to enjoy your exercise sessions. You will have fun.

Why are you different to others trainers?

 We take great care in ensuring that you get great results and the classes are structured to suit your pace. Rather than have you work flat out at your first session, we take the time to explain the technique and teach you the skills to do the exercises correctly. This will ensure your body will have the best chance to improve quickly.

Having more than 12 years experience in both Pilates and fitness, and being the creator of the fitness product, the BACpillow (www.bacpillow.com.au), I have a thorough understanding of how the body works, how it can be improved, and the skills to teach correct exercising techniques.

The studio is private and the sessions are individual. You will enjoy the personal attention.

I have injuries. Will I be OK to take up training?

Always seek professional advice before beginning an exercise program after an injury. Once you have been given the go ahead, we will help you strengthen the area with specific rehabilitating exercises so that it can recover quickly; plus we will get the rest of the body working, strengthening the key area and the surrounding body in tandem.

How quickly will I see results?

 Results are always individual. Many people see a change after the first session. Almost everyone can feel a difference by the 4th class.  If you want even faster results we can design an at-home program for you to do between sessions.

Am I too old?

 We have people well into their 70s exercising with us. Their bodies are getting stronger, they feel better and they have more energy. We take special care to ensure the exercises are the exercises you need.

 Am I too young?

 We have people as young as 9 training with us. Teenagers are especially welcome. These are not boot-camp style classes; they are more focused on learning to use the correct muscles and getting the most out of each exercise.

 Are they private classes?

 Yes, classes are private. We cater for one or two people per session.

 Can I come with other people?

We run classes for 2 people. You are very welcome to train with a buddy.

 Do you do group personal training?

We do not offer personal training in large groups at the current venue. If you have a venue, we can supply an instructor for group personal training.

 Do you have Pilates classes?

Yes, we run Pilates classes. Maximum 3 people in a class. People will be given individual exercises in the class.

 Is the training inside or outside?

 Training is held inside, in a private studio. On occasion, we may head over to the nearby park.

 Can I train after work?

 Yes, we offer evening appointments.

 Do you have time during the day?

Yes, we offer daytime appointments.