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Pia Waverley PT
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 At Waverley Personal Training we only have your goals in mind.
We offer boutique Personal Training in a privately run Pilates studio.
         The training includes a variety of exercises to ensure your workout will get the results you seek.

Who we areWaverley PT Plank
Our Personal Trainer, Pia, has over 8 years experience as a Personal Trainer and is a fully qualified APMA Pilates Instructor.  A number of her clients have been training with her for more than 7 years. She has a background in ballet and has also been a snow skiing instructor.

For you
Waverley Personal Training sessions are about YOU. The sessions are specifically designed for you to achieve your goals, based on your age, fitness level and most of all, your body. You will learn how control your movements to get the best from your body. Some fitness programs have you doing exercises without considering how your body will cope. At Waverley Personal Training we ensure that
each exercise is safe and has a purpose that will benefit your body. Your program will be progressively challenging so that you will get the results you are looking for.

What our clients say

Waverely PT M1   "My name is Margaret and I have been training with Pia for over six years now. I have seen fantastic improvements in my body strength and balance as a result of our training sessions. Pia has an amazing awareness of how our bodies work and develops exercises that stretch your body (and mind!). Pia is always pleasant and manages to make all of our workouts fun. She is able to develop programs that fit to any goal, whether you just want to go along for regular exercise, strengthening and toning or you want to push and test your body. I highly recommend Pia as an excellent Pilates instructor and Personal Trainer."   Margaret, Melbourne 

WPT Chris  "Pia has been my pesonal trainer for approximately 7 years now and I look forward to my weekly session because she is constructive and challenging with my workouts and pushes me to try harder than I would if I was training alone. When I first started with Pia, I had trouble with my knees. They would crunch and ache when I did squats and my neck and upper back were tight and stressed. With the exercise techniques Pia has taught me, using body and mind, I can now do these exercies properly with no stress, and my body has become much stronger. Pia is very friendly and encouraging and I enjoy her sessions very much."
                            C. Dorman, Malvern

Waverley PT S  "When I  first started training with Pia I had a bad lower back and poor posture. The early sessions were enjoyable. I found muscles I never knew I had. Now, 4 years on, I look forward to every session. The total body workouts have improved my well being and strength. My back has greatly improved because of my better muscle tone but I still need to be careful when lifting. My golf has improved as my posture is better and more relaxed, all of which improves my swing.  I can recommend Pia because she has great knowledge of bodies and muscles and her sessions are varied."    Stuart Cleland, Hawthorn

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 Where and when
   Waverley PersonalTraining sessions are held in Glen Waverley, Melbourne, Australia.
  *  For session availability please email us: info@waverleypersonaltraining.com.au
  You can phone Waverley Personal Training on 0418 356 055
 Sessions start at $40 per half hour

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